Introducing EPIC. A truly different animal.

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 3.18.15 PM


We think that sounds EPIC… what about you?

EPIC is launching at Expo West in Anaheim California 3/8/2013! Come visit us at booth #5179 to ensure that you have an EPIC Expo.


4 thoughts on “Introducing EPIC. A truly different animal.

  1. Good place to start in Colorado is Boulder or Greeley. Denver is blelh! I’m a prairie hen out here in the sticks called Hillrose, east of Brush!, I used to live in Denver many years ago, but I’ve been enlightened~ I love the idea of your food and look forward to sampling it. I am a diabetic and could use a friendly snack source. Live long and prosper, EPIC!

  2. Your Epic bars sound wonderful! We have gotten buffalo meat before and cooked it several different ways and really enjoyed it. It can be difficult to find really GOOD food like what you put in the bars and I can’t wait to find them and give them a try. 🙂 We are not wealthy people but sometimes it’s worth the extra $ for really great foods so we will be looking for your bars…I am a cranberry addict I think as I love to put them in almost everything I eat, they are just too yummy in my opinion. Thank You for having this website for people to check out your products but you need to put a scratch and taste section Please!!!!

  3. I just tried EPIC for the first time and rarely will ever comment on a product unless it is remarkable. I tried to order on-line but was not able to access the website. I will try again later. I saw on one of the pictures taken from a store that carries your product that the price per bar is $2.99, is that the standard retail price? Also is there a price break if ordering directly from you and in box quantity? Have you considered a salmon bar? Thank you for providing a great product.

  4. I am a contributing photographer and writer to Kurt Repanshek’s National Parks Traveler website. Kurt just wrote an article about trying out these bars for a trip he and his sons took to Yellowstone National Park. Because of this article, I ordered 2 of your Sampler Packs, having never even heard of you before reading Kurt’s article. I can’t wait to get these samplers and if I like them as much as Kurt likes them, then I plan on ordering more to take with me to a trip to Acadia National Park, Maine, in October.

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