EPIC Launch Expo West 2013

The dust continues to settle from the explosive launch of EPIC in Anaheim, California last week. In true EPIC fashion, we selected Natural Products Expo West 2013 to launch the world’s first animal based protein bar! With over 60,000 attendees and 4,000 exhibitors specializing in the natural foods space, Expo West is the largest and most epic natural products show in the world! 


The response at the show was electric! Countless participants reacted favorably to every aspect of EPIC, from the branding and packaging, to the taste of the EPIC bar.  Attendees repeatedly told us that we had the best tasting and most innovative product at the entire show. Their statements were again reinforced when we received the prestigious “Next Award,” which is granted by New Hope 360 (the organizers of Expo West) to only 40 of the top products! 


As the hours went by, the Expo only continued to grow in EPICness! Within 2 hours of launch we caught the attention of the 2 largest natural foods distributors in the country, who both asked to take the bar nationally. They were joined by a few of our country’s largest natural food stores, who also wanted to pick up our new product! Despite their sad faces and relentless pleadings, they will all have to wait a little bit longer. 


Over all, the show was a dream! We knew that we had created an exciting new product that would draw attention, but the reaction we received was beyond our wildest imaginations. The time for conveniently packaged 100% grass fed animals is now. The time for real protein bars as intended by the last 250,000 years of human evolution is now. The time to live, explore, and be EPIC is now.


After the show we stayed in Orange, California for a few days and visited the trails of Santiago Canyon, where we encountered breathtaking scenery for our trail runs. The air was calm and the sun shone through the trees as we passed by families of deer! The canyon holds some of the best trails that I have ever experienced. We were so enlightened by the beauty of California and the energy we’d received over the past three days that we lost track of time. Good thing we had a few EPIC bars left to fuel those amazing runs!


EPIC bars will be available exclusively online in the month of April and then they will hit store shelves in the Southwest United States in May! Starting in June, the bars will be available on a national level and found in your favorite stores! 


We will be attending PaleoFx in Austin, TX on March 28th-30th! For more updates, keep checking back and make sure to follow us on Facebook to get the latest and most EPIC updates available!



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