In an attempt to be consistent with our company name (EPIC), we make all decisions on how to represent our brand by asking ourselves “Is this epic enough?” We had to ask ourselves this important question in May, as we stared at our summer calendar, full of trade shows, conferences, demos, and races. Faced with these epic events, we knew that we needed a van. Yet, when you strive to be consistent with your company culture, picking an EPIC van is no easy task.


Luckily, we were able to get in touch with the great James Walpole at Freightliner of Austin. During our 10-minute phone conversation, he told me his plan to come visit our office. Later that week, James shows up, bright-eyed and eager, clothed in a Top Gun leather jacket and steering the wheel of the young chariot that would eventually become our van.  The stark white Freightliner Sprinter van was certainly the largest vehicle I had ever driven (EPIC points), had a diesel engine with great fuel economy (EPIC points), and could haul 2500 lbs. of EPIC bars through a Texas tornado (extra EPIC points)! It was close to perfect, but when asking myself  “Is it epic enough?” the answer was only 2/3rds of a yes.  It was more of something akin to a “ye” without the “s”. It was a maybe. We couldn’t have a van that was maybe EPIC.


When in doubt on how to add an extra 1/3rd of “epic-ness” to any thing in life, my golden rule has always been to add a North American Buffalo. Try it for yourself – it works wonders! Want to make a boring painting awesome? Add a buffalo. Wish your ranch were better? Add a buffalo. Wish your dinner were delicious? You get the point…ImageGoing back to the golden rule, I envisioned the new Sprinter Van with a 12-foot tall bison on the side – the rest was history. We now have a stunning EPIC van that is inarguably consistent with our amazing bars!


We just returned from her maiden voyage where we drove from EPIC HQ in Austin, Tx to Chicago, IL for a KeHE Table Top Show. We then headed west to Colorado for a week of adventures – mountain biking, trail running, the works! From Summit Country, we drove homewards to Palo Duro Canyon in West Texas. From there, we arrived back home, proud that the EPIC van drove strong, protected precious cargo, and served as a metal camp tent!


Later this summer, we will drive to Salt Lake City, Utah for the Outdoor Retailer Show, then on to Leadville, Colorado for a 100-mile mountain bike race. You will also spot the 12-foot tall bison all over the great state of Texas! If you see us on the road, honk (unless it is night time and we are parked in the woods, for we are likely sleeping or getting romantic). Make sure to say hello, for we probably have bars inside and will trade them for a high five! Tag us on Facebook or Twitter and you have a chance to win more bars! If we are in your town, we will be hard to miss.



One thought on “PUT A BISON ON IT

  1. I just won two cases of your wonderful bars. Even tho I live in California I have three children who live in Texas, Plano, Marfa and Austin (the cities, not the kids). I am looking forward to having the bars and then more because I go to Texas quite frequently, until you sell them in California…..

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