EPIC Crossfit Games 2013

Last Tuesday, we landed at Los Angeles International Airport to a crowd of crossfitters who were already practicing their single-leg squats inside the Terminal. I was pumped for the Crossfit Games and ready to complete a WOD every morning with the great Rich Froning. Yet, I’d only just heard of the Crossfit Games 4 months ago, from our EPIC ambassador Leann Rominger.


When we created a relationship with the Crossfit-style gym known as Dane’s Body Shop, I attended a few of Leann’s workouts and was able to ask such intellectual questions as, “What is a WOD?” and “What on earth does AMRAP mean?” Leann was more than patient and able to accommodate all of my curiosities. After many workouts completing squats, deadlifts, clean & jerks, 400m sprints and these things called Turkish get-ups (which totally don’t originate from Turkey…), I felt prepared to attend the Games as a semi-knowledgeable attendee. (Thanks Leann)!


Yet, my mind was blown by how much I still did not know about this outstanding sport. I stared, mouth agape, at the hundreds of tents of vendors, with names that I’d never heard of like Progenex and Pure Pharma. I had no idea that swimming was now involved in Crossfit! I can’t even begin to explain my shock at the entire Cinco 1 and Cinco 2 events that ended the Games. (In case you don’t know, Cinco 1 was a series of weighted deadlifts and single-leg kettle bell squats, followed by a handstand walk all the way across a stadium?!) It’s safe to say that Crossfit is in a league of it’s own.


These athletes are dedicated to pushing their bodies to the absolute limits, but they also know that nutrition is just as important as their workouts. Many Crossfit athletes adhere to a Paleo diet, or a Paleo-style diet, which (lucky for us!) makes EPIC every Crossfitters dream! We had an amazing reception at the Games from all of the athletes that came over to the booth and tried our product! If you think about it, we create epic-tasting meat bars, that are low in sugar and high in natural protein – how can any sane crossfitter resist?


Of course, they could not! Crossfit fans swarmed the EPIC booth during various times, curious to see what their friends were chatting about! We were happy to greet them and explain that, “Yes, we make a protein bar out of grass-fed and humanely-raised animals!” and “Yes, it really is a bar full of meat, similar to jerky, but softer!” So many attendees and vendors, as well as Crossfit staff, and even the wonderfully kind Christmas Abbott, loved our product. It was so great to sample it out and interact with the Crossfit Community, which is full of individuals who are as strong as they are kind! We were welcomed, despite our little knowledge of the sport, and we are thankful for everyone who stopped by to say hello!


A huge thanks to Barbara from Crossfit Games for making the event run smoothly, to George from The Civilized Caveman for the laughs and Paleo chats, the lovely sisters from Livin’ Paleo for being so kind, the guys from WODIFY for being good neighbors, and all of the Pure Pharma, Reebok, and Innov-8 vendors for loving us! 


Until next year!



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