An EPIC look at 2013!

Happy New Year to everyone reading this post! It has been an exciting first year in the land of EPIC and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our loyal customers and friends. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our brand and helping us gain traction in our first year of business!

Each and every one of you is playing a critical role in a food revolution improving the health of millions of Americans, validating humane and pasture focused practices of animal raising, and creating a net positive return on our environmental footprint. I wish I could give every single one of you a high five. You are all very EPIC! 


As 2013 comes to an end, we want to take a moment to get nostalgic. Here are our favorite memories, accomplishments, and random pieces that shaped our maiden year of business. As you read, keep in mind that all the press that we received in 2013 was organic. EPIC did not have a PR firm or anyone sending out press kits. This is all based on word of mouth – people like you all – THANK YOU!

EPIC MOMENT 1:   EPIC debuted at Expo West in Anaheim California in March, which was nerve racking considering it was the first time anyone had ever seen or heard of EPIC. The positive response was overwhelming and beyond our wildest expectations.  EPIC was nominated as a “NEXT Forecast,” which is an industry prediction on innovation, food trends, and concept/design!  We were 1 out of 40 companies who received this recognition (out of 3,000+ companies at the show). This honor provided national recognition of the EPIC products within the natural food channel!


EPIC Moment 2:  In May, EPIC received “Breakthrough Brand of 2013” by Delicious Living Magazine. This “Best Bite” was awarded by a panel of natural food editors! Again, validating the momentum and attention our brand was receiving in the natural food space – not just on a food trend level, but on a branding perspective dimension.    


EPIC Moment 3:  In June, the editors of featured the entire EPIC line on the front page of their website!  Validation outside of the natural foods channel was assurance that we were appealing to a wider audience than health-nuts, but also thousands of handsome & stylish men!


EPIC Moment 4:  Crossfit Games domination! Leslie EPIC set up at the Superbowl of all crossfit events this summer and introduced a perfect paleo protein bar to the masses! At the games, Leslie hand fed EPIC bars to a few of our heroes. These celebrity feedings included Mark Sisson, Civilized Caveman (George), Christmas Abbott (“sexiest girl in the world”- Leslie), and tons of other buffed out super humans. 


EPIC Moment 5:  In July, EPIC attended The Outdoor Retailer Summer Show in Salt Lake City Utah, the largest outdoor show in the world and a dream for any outdoor enthusiast!  It was a blast! Very few food companies attended aside from your big brands (ex ClifBar), but EPIC is not a typical food company and we wanted to geek out on some cool gear. We received a “Best In Show” award by the Gear Junkie group! 


EPIC Moment 6:  That same month, the EPIC crew drove to Leadville Colorado for the legendary Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race – the most epic, hardcore mountain bike race in the US.  Our founder, Katie, and our ops manager, Kirk, both raced the event and both finished super strong. We demonstrated to the world that EPIC is not only excellent for snacking, but can be used as fuel for one of the most difficult races in America.


EPIC Moment 7:  A few months later, EPIC received a “Gear Patrol Top 100” award!  Another group of influential editors and obsessive outdoors people gave praise to our bar! This one was a complete surprise and ultimate shock!


EPIC Moment 8:  That same month, Men’s Fitness Magazine published an article highlighting “game changers” throughout 2013. The article was centered around recognizing people who are innovating, pushing limits, and creating exciting products. Our founder, Taylor Collins, was recognized and featured in the article!


EPIC Moment 9: Shortly after the Men’s Fitness article was released, the most humorous EPIC review of 2013 was published by the New York Times Magazine. Martha Stewart herself did a review of our bars! Yes, the former home-decorating mogul turned white collar criminal (indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of securities fraud, making false statements and obstruction of justice for her handling of a personal stock trade). 

Martha Stewart hated the EPIC beef bar. She actually said they were “inedible and looked like a cow pie”. At first we were a little disappointed, but as we continued reading her remaining product reviews, we were relived to learn that she enjoyed the new McDonalds “Mighty Wings”. It appears that her time eating prison food might have assaulted her taste for quality food. As they say, any press is good press. After the New York Times piece online sales spiked hard.


EPIC Moment 10:  EPIC founders, Katie and Taylor, spent the entire month of November on a honey moon in Thailand!  The two rode bikes throughout the country and ate copious sums of deliciously fresh Thai food. The romance was as hot as the Thai Chili Peppers. Wait and see the influence of that trip on new products in 2014!


EPIC Moment 11:  The year closed strong with dual articles in Runners World Magazine and Self Magazine. Self recommended the Turkey Almond Cranberry bar as a go to “savory snack”! That brought Katie extra joy since she is a die hard Turkey Almond Cranberry girl.

EPIC Moments coming in 2014:  As we gear up for 2014, we plan to make this year even bigger! We are launching our brand new Lamb Currant Mint bar today and have an additional 6 new EPIC products anticipated to release in the first quarter of the year! The Lamb Currant Mint bar brings the EPIC line to a new height of deliciously sophisticated flavor profiles to come.


We wish you health, prosperity, and exuberance in 2014. Go Strong!

-Taylor, Katie, Leslie, Kirk, Clint EPIC!



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