Best of Paleo Magazine 2013!


In late March of 2013, we set up a booth at Paleo F(X) in our hometown of Austin, TX.  This would be the very first launch of EPIC Bar to the community. Our website was barely a day old and our Facebook had only around 200 followers, most of which were our friends and family members. We hadn’t yet experienced customer feedback and were nervous to hear the opinions of the most health conscious consumers. As soon as our first few customers rolled by, all of our nerves turned into sheer excitement, as the reaction from the Paleo community was so strong that we couldn’t help but feel welcomed.


It was at Paleo F(X) that we met individuals who really understood our product and shared our food philosophy. No one was scared to try a “bar of meat” but excited that someone actually created a conveniently packaged snack from grass-fed animal protein. We established connections with fantastic Paleo bloggers, writers and chefs, including the legendary Sarah Fragoso.


We were also lucky enough to meet the amazing folks from Paleo Magazine, who have been the most fantastic partners. This past January, they placed us in the running for Best of Paleo 2013!  We were so excited to be featured as an option, especially among our favorite natural products, like Hail Merry Macaroons and Capellos Gluten-Free! We were thrilled when we won Best Paleo Bar and now have our plaque of champions hanging in our EPIC Headquarters!


Overall, we want to thank everyone from the Paleo and Primal community for accepting us so graciously! You are truly the Best of Paleo and we cannot wait to see what the future holds.



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