Timothy Olson is EPIC

EPIC nation… we are pleased to announce the official sponsorship of one of our favorite athletes of all time, Timothy Olson! Timothy will be eating his fare share of Bison Bacon Cranberry bars this summer as he gets ready to race Transvulcania, Hardrock 100, and the UTMB 100!


Timothy is a perfect fit for the EPIC tribe for a number of reasons. We want you to get to know him better and hope that he inspires you in the same way he has inspired us.

Top 10 Things We Love About Timothy:

#1. Timothy is inspired by nature. He trains outdoors and taps into the amazing natural world that surrounds us. Nature is his playscape and he has learned how to read it, move with it, and respect it.


#2. Timothy appreciates the value of high quality food. He feeds his family organic veggies and fruits alongside fresh pastured local meats from the farmers market! He fuels his workouts and recovery with whole foods!

#3. Timothy is more than a world class racer. Although he loves training and dominating some of the most difficult trail races on the face of the planet, at the end of the day he hopes to inspire people to be more active. His message is simple, be outside, go on walks, run if you want, its all about moving your body.

#4. Timothy races only EPIC events. Timothy is an ultra endurance athlete who thrives during trail races over the 100 mile mark! He runs over mountains, through rushing streams, and in the dark. He is exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations, lightning storms, and wild animals on a daily basis. Can it be any more EPIC than that?


#5. Timothy leans towards a high fat, low carb diet! Not only is he smashing course records, but Timothy is a fat burning machine that eats radically different than what conventional exercise physiologist teach. You wont ever find him carb loading before a race. Instead you will likely see him feasting on avocados, coconut oil, nuts, and grass fed meat!


#6. Timothy is a family man who keeps his wolf pack close. Along with a lovely wife, Timothy is the father of a young champion named Tristan. Timothy balances the training loads required of a professional athlete by prioritizing high quality time with his baby and Krista. Its good to see people derive balance through close family ties.


#7. Timothy is a handsome mountain man that looks like he could be found tracking a bear in the Colorado wilderness circa 1845. He has the timeless EPIC look.

#8. Timothy has led an inspiring life of self discovery through consciousness and an relentless will to become a better person. Early in life Timothy was addicted to drugs, alcohol, and even spent time in jail. He is living proof that we can all become the person we want to be and that we should believe in the otherwise unimaginable. Listen to this great podcast interview by Rich Roll.

#9. Timothy is a profound well spoken human. Everything he says is genuine, and from the heart. This makes him an amazing partner for our brand since we value messaging, positioning, and communication.


#10. Every time I have spoken to Timothy, I get an overwhelming sense of gratefulness. He is thoughtful, thankful, and happy to be living the life he has built for himself. This inspires me to be grateful for my own life, my lover wife (Katie), my health, our employees, and our company.


Please go to Timothy Olson’s facebook page and “like” him. This way you will be able to stay current with his inspiring posts, travel reports, and beautiful photos. We will be following, supporting, and cheering for him all year!




One thought on “Timothy Olson is EPIC

  1. This guy is epic, for me beside Kilian the most fantastic runner on this planet, he is motivating so many people.
    abs. insane, you guys have the best ambassador on this planet, take care thomas

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