New & Improved EPIC bars!

New & Improved EPIC bars are 100% more EPIC! Get a free sample pack of the new EPIC bars with your next order when you enter coupon code: NEWEPICBARS.

Did you ever imagine that the Bison Bacon Cranberry bar could taste more EPIC? Well it does! The new and improved flavors will teleport your taste buds to the peak of perfection and ultimate satisfaction. For those of you who religiously eat only your favorite flavor, we suggest you recalibrate your life and try all 4 flavors again. The fun part will be deciding your new favorite (or declaring an unheard of 4 way tie). Head over to today and get your free bars!

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3 thoughts on “New & Improved EPIC bars!

  1. How did you achieve the improved consistency and taste? Has there been any change to the nutritional profile or ingredients list? I can’t wait to try the new epic bars! 😀

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