New Years Resolution- Eat more organ meats!

Although cliche, there is something special about the start of a new year and its ability to inspire us to do something epic. The new year serves as an empty slate where destiny is projected over the following 12 months! Its an epic opportunity to commit yourself to improving health, happiness, and accomplishing something you have always dreamed of. At the root of all good new years resolutions lies a fundamental desire to improve upon ourselves and make a meaningful imprint on our own life saga!

For those of us who commit to improving our diets in order to maximize health, longevity, and happiness, EPIC has you covered.


In 2015, EPIC takes portable nutrient dense animal protein to the next level with the world’s first ever organ meat bar! Throughout human history our ancestors have cherished the innate nutrient rich organ meats of wild game. In particular, liver was regarded as sacred due to the belief that eating the organ from a healthy animal would improve the strength and vitality of the hunter.

Grass Fed beef liver is by far the most important organ meat you should be eating. It’s one of the most nutrient-dense foods in existence, and contains many nutrients that are difficult to get elsewhere. Boasting an impressive 16g of grass fed animal protein, 190% DV of Vitamin A, 20% of Vitamin B12, 110% of Phosphorus, and 1021% DV of Copper, the EPIC Beef Liver bar is guaranteed to fuel your body and inspire your most EPIC adventures.
By eating more organ meat in 2015, you are nourishing your body with the most powerful super-foods in existence. By doing so, you are establishing a foundation in which anything is possible and your other 2015 resolutions will surly follow! Heres to EPIC health in 2015.
The EPIC Grass Fed Beef Liver Bar is sold exclusively online at:

5 thoughts on “New Years Resolution- Eat more organ meats!

    • Hey Erin,

      Sorry, but I had to correct myself. We have black pepper in the bar which is something that AIP folks might avoid until they are able to begin reintroduction.

  1. I’m so excited about this. Thank you! One request – is the black pepper absolutely necessary to this product tasting good? This bar would be AIP-friendly without it, and people with autoimmune disease need liver more than anyone else, to heal. Let us know if you produce a pepper-free version. Either way, this is still a great offering. Thank you!

  2. Absolutely agree on the AIP front- this would be a staple, not to mention a lifesaver!! Thank you so much for all that you do!

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