The EPIC Holiday Fundraise

Last month EPIC teamed up with some of our favorite brands and created an ultimate holiday survival gift set! The ready to gift baskets were loaded with a mix of the very best grain free products available, and armed consumers with essential paleo provisions to help maintain their grain free diets through some tempting times of year. The ornate baskets and stockings were composed of a glorious medley of artisan producers, uniting around REAL food and regenerating the environment.


In true spirits of the holidays, our goal was to donate 100% of proceeds to The Savory Institute! For those of you who dont know about the Savory Institute, here is my two sentence pitch… The Savory Institute is a non-profit, working to restore the worlds grasslands through the use of properly managed livestock. By doing so, the organization is dramatically transforming soil health, ecosystem diversity, local economies, and even sequestering carbon from the atmosphere and returning it to the soil (reversing climate change). Yes, I am telling you that cows can save the planet… EPIC right?!?

Mexico 1963-2003

In a brilliant display of support from consumers and bloggers, EPIC raised $25,000 for our friends at The Savory Institute! This money will be used to further their mission to restore the grasslands of the world and teach the land management principles developed by Alan Savory. This perfect symbiotic relationship gave consumers a amazing gifting option that could help restore the environment! Thats a truly EPIC win-win.


We would like to recognize and thank all the amazing companies that donated their fantastic products to this great cause. Without them, this Holiday Survival Kit would not be possible. Please continue to support these brands with future purchasing decisions as well as social media love! To learn more about The Savory Institute and regenerative land management, visit:

Brands that participated in the giveaway include:

TurmericAlive, Cappello’s, Chameleon Coldbrew, Eating Evolved, Everyday Paleo, Fatworks, Hail Merry, Happy Hemp, Jackson’s Honest Chips, Justins Nut Butter, Lovebean Fudge, Paleo Magazine, Primal Life Organics, Pure Indian Foods, R.A.W (Real And Worthful)., Rhythm Superfoods, Sea Snax, Simple Mills, Tessemae’s, The New Primal, YAWP, EPIC, Nulo, Victory Belt Publishing, New Earth


New Years Resolution- Eat more organ meats!

Although cliche, there is something special about the start of a new year and its ability to inspire us to do something epic. The new year serves as an empty slate where destiny is projected over the following 12 months! Its an epic opportunity to commit yourself to improving health, happiness, and accomplishing something you have always dreamed of. At the root of all good new years resolutions lies a fundamental desire to improve upon ourselves and make a meaningful imprint on our own life saga!

For those of us who commit to improving our diets in order to maximize health, longevity, and happiness, EPIC has you covered.


In 2015, EPIC takes portable nutrient dense animal protein to the next level with the world’s first ever organ meat bar! Throughout human history our ancestors have cherished the innate nutrient rich organ meats of wild game. In particular, liver was regarded as sacred due to the belief that eating the organ from a healthy animal would improve the strength and vitality of the hunter.

Grass Fed beef liver is by far the most important organ meat you should be eating. It’s one of the most nutrient-dense foods in existence, and contains many nutrients that are difficult to get elsewhere. Boasting an impressive 16g of grass fed animal protein, 190% DV of Vitamin A, 20% of Vitamin B12, 110% of Phosphorus, and 1021% DV of Copper, the EPIC Beef Liver bar is guaranteed to fuel your body and inspire your most EPIC adventures.
By eating more organ meat in 2015, you are nourishing your body with the most powerful super-foods in existence. By doing so, you are establishing a foundation in which anything is possible and your other 2015 resolutions will surly follow! Heres to EPIC health in 2015.
The EPIC Grass Fed Beef Liver Bar is sold exclusively online at:

EPIC bars on Mount Fitz Roy- Patagonia

The highlight of our Patagonia trip was the time spent trail running to the Mount Fitz Roy overlook outside of El Chalten in Southern Santa Cruz.

Notorious for its powerful winds that are relentless and unforgiving, this part of Patagonia is nothing short of EPIC. We experienced this first hand during the summit to Fitz Roy. A wind storm took us by surprise and nearly knocked us off the mountain.

Thankfully we pushed through the storm and after 20 minutes of getting our faces exfoliated by wind blown ice, we arrived to the most beautiful overlook I have ever visited!

#neverstopexploring #doEPICshiteveryday #EPICadventuresawait

Patagonia Adventure

In true spirits of adventure, Katie and I created an oath to explore the world together as much as possible! This commitment is so deep rooted that during our wedding vowels, we promised each other to go on one international EPIC adventure each year.

We carefully select our annual EPIC adventures based on aspirational gut feeling. It is a calling, often from nature and once we hear it, we go with open hearts and the full intensity that defines our lives. We love traveling to far off lands, embracing the local culture, experiencing the bounties of ecosystem diversity, and eating copious sums of meat.


This November, we made our pilgrimage to the majestic lands of Patagonia to run in the mountains, trek on glaciers, and visit the worlds most regenerative sheep ranch! The trip was 10 days of non-stop exploring in the most beautiful open country I have ever visited. Here are a few of our highlights.

Day 1-3: Los Glaciares National Park in southwest Santa Cruz Province, Argentina


The prize of Glacier National Park is the amazing Perito Moreno Glacier. Although most glaciers in the world are receding at alarming rates, the Perito Moreno Glacier is one of only three Patagonian glaciers that is actually growing. This massive glacier is 3 miles wide and over 500 feet deep!


The glacier Perito Moreno is beautiful enough to spend an entire day looking at from afar and the National Park has built amazing trails the circumnavigate most of the ice. Being the founders of a company called EPIC, we couldn’t only view the glacier from afar, but rather we opted to trek on-top of it!


After trekking a few hours on top of a glacier, we enjoyed an EPIC bar. I was sure that we were the first people to ever eat an EPIC bar on top of a glacier, but quickly found out that one of our EPIC athletes, Timothy Olson, had beat us to that in Chamonix France this summer! Never the less, it was delicious.


The two most amazing parts of ice trekking are wearing crampons (and feeling like a wolverine) and drinking ice cold water fresh from the glacier! These glacier water pools are a deep pure blue and absolutely refreshing. Its not often that you have the opportunity to drink distilled water that has been frozen for around 300 years.


Day 3-5: Ovis XXI Sheep Ranch, Rio Gallegos Argentina (the end of the world)


In order to give our legs some much needed rest, we temporarily left the mountains and headed to the southern grasslands of costal Patagonia. On our EPIC adventures, Katie and I regularly try to visit an inspirational ranch that practices regenerative land management. Part of the reason we traveled to Patagonia was to visit a legendary family run sheep ranch called Ovis XXI. The ranch is located outside of Rio Gallegos and encompasses the entire 2.5 million acres on the southernmost tip of the continent.


At Ovis XXI, over 14,000 sheep are rounded up by every year by a team of gauchos on horseback and highly trained sheep herding dogs. Each animal is hand sheared and the wool is sold to the Patagonia Clothing Company. Patagonia Clothing has a long tradition of exceeding sustainable manufacturing practices and we have always supported the brand. It was amazing to see the land and animals in which some of my favorite clothes come from.


At Ovis XXI, guests stay at a 150 year old ranch house called Estancia Monte Dinero. It is open to the public year round and run by the same family that has managed the land for over 150 years. We ate fresh lamb and organic garden greens every night!


In addition to 14,000 sheep, Ovis XXI hosts its own colony of 90,000 Magellanic penguins that visit each summer to have babies and baste in the mild climates of costal Argentina. In true spirits of holistic land management, these penguins play a special role in the complex biodiversity of the ranch. As a result, they are allowed their own segmented land parcel free from sheep.



Day 5-10: El Chalten, The Heart of Patagonia


El Chalten is the self proclaimed hikers capital of Argentina and nestled in the most iconic segment of Patagonia. Deep inside Los Glaciares National Park you have access to endless views as well as trail heads to the famous Monte Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre, and Torres del Paine National Park in neighboring Chile.


Here lies the heart of the majestic Patagonia lands and the essence of our trip to South America. Katie and I ran mountains every single day and covered over 75 miles of the most beautiful single track trails in the world.


Each night we replenished our bodies and spirits with traditional Argentinian cuisine that was fit for the most EPIC of carnivores. We made sure to consume nutrient dense organ meats each night and developed a newfound obsession with mollejas (thymus gland), tongue, and liver. In retrospect, Im not sure we could have passionately pursued the mountains day after day without binging on vitamin and mineral rich offal.


Our very favorite trail was the 18 mile loop that brought us to the base of Fitz Roy. This day was EPIC for numerous reasons including massive wind storms, serious elevation gain, and the best views of our entire trip!



This photo was taken in front of Monte Fitz Roy shortly before Katie threw down a Lamb bar and Taylor barrel rolled down a snowy slope.


Cerro Torre is pictured in the top left.


6 hours into our run we found ourselves at the base of one of the hundreds of glaciers that dominate this landscape. With so many glaciers, fresh water is found everywhere! You can pick any flowing body of water and drink mineral rich ice cold water. This made covering massive distances easy as water refuels were everywhere. All we had to bring were EPIC bars and running shoes.


Although mostly warm, the temperature is constantly changing in these mountains. Most of the fluctuation is a result of mountain air rushing across hundreds of miles of open glaciers. One minute you can be warm and the next, ice cold. It is a humbling sensation that is a constant reminder of the raw power these mountains possess.


Our second favorite hike was located at Laguna Roca, a state park 1 hour outside of the city. The original idea was to run up a mountain that locals kept recommending. The Crystal Mountain Trial quickly changed our anticipated run into a breath taking hike in which we gained over 5,000 feet of elevation change in around 2.5 miles! We summited the mountain in 4 hours and then bombed down the vertically graded trails in a blustering 1.5 hours. Although our quads were trashed, our spirits were regenerated and radiating with exuberance.



Patagonia is an amazing land that epitomizes the spirit of adventure! Spending time in the mountains inspires us to continue creating products that not only sustain our lands, but when we can, create partnerships that add value to healing and restoring the earth. Ranchers like those at Ovis XXI and companies like Patagonia and EPIC form synergistic partnerships which nourish needs of consumers while recognizing and honoring the land that is the foundation for everything this earth provides. Much like trail running deep in the heart of Patagonia, you have to respect the formative mountains as well as our bodies in order to sustain the adventure of life. A humbling respect as well as profound gratitude for Mother Nature is the foundational base for how we fit into the world.


May your life be full of EPIC adventures!

Paleo f(x) 2015 is EPIC

EPIC Bar is thrilled to announce a truly EPIC giveaway with our friends at Paleo f(x)™ Austin 2015! For those of you who dont yet know about Paleo f(x)™ Austin 2015, let me give you the scoop. This is THE premiere international paleo conference that happens to take place in our hometown of Austin, TX. Paleo f(x) is an inspiring and educational conference loaded with incredible thought disruptive speakers and leaders such as  Robb Wolf, Mark SissonDallas HartwigMelissa Hartwig, Chris KresserJohn Kiefer, Sarah FragosoBen Greenfield, Darryl Edwards, Nell Stephenson.

PaleoMagazine_DecJan2015 (1)

In addition to an amazing educational platform, Paleo f(x) also boasts a tremendous networking opportunity that emphasizes community and friendship within the paleo scene. Wether participating in a sponsored workout/fitness session, enjoying a farm to table dinner, or simply walking the show floor, you are guaranteed to meet fantastic likeminded people to share the weekend with.

We’re thrilled to announce a giveaway celebrating the best health and wellness event of the year: Paleo f(x)™ Austin 2015.

Onto the prizes…

  • The Grand Bison. Premiere tickets to Paleo f(x)™ 2015 for you and a companion, plus a VIP meet and greet for both of you with EPIC Bar. (1 winner)
  • The Royal Lamb. A premiere ticket to Paleo f(x)™ 2015, and a box of EPIC bars to fuel your journey. (1 winner).
  • The Princely Turkey. A box of EPIC bars of your choice. Gobble gobble! (5 winners)

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Clint’s Chronicles – Farm To Market


This month we are proud to shine the spotlight on one of our favorite local retailers, Farm To Market Grocery. Farm To Market is located on S. Congress Ave. (SoCo for the locals) and is actually within walking distance of the new EPIC Headquarters!


Meet Peg, the owner of this fine establishment, and legend in her own right. Peg is an extraordinary individual whose life story seems to be written right off a bucket list! She not only possesses a Master’s degree from MIT, but has spent time in the Peace Corp., and worked in the Colonias helping rebuild less fortunate areas. As for her current professional career, what started off as an investment opportunity now serves as Peg’s livelihood. She owns and operates one of the finest gourmet/organic markets on the planet!

Top-secret fun fact about Peg:
She has spent years helping others and learning both fascinating and heartbreaking facts about other cultures. To keep these memories alive, she names her pets after certain aspects of her travels. This serves as a reminder for her and her family of life’s joys and the fact that everyday is special.

Thankfully, our fearless founders Taylor and Katie happened upon Peg one day while training for triathlons at Big Stacy pool in Austin. That meeting led to Farm2Market being one of the very first retailers of EPIC. Peg has the highest standards for what is placed on her shelves and luckily the EPIC line meets her list of qualifications as a product she is happy to offer along with a ton of other wholesome treats to fuel your life.


Since relocating our main office, the EPIC Headquarters is now a short walk (3 min. max) from Farm2Market. As a result, we are able to fuel our bodies with all sorts of whole-food goodness to get us through the day thanks to Peg and her team of culinary geniuses.

All of us at Team EPIC have our go-to snack/drink/meal of choice at Farm 2 Market. Mine was actually a tie between Beanitos Brand Chips and Taco Deli breakfast tacos. However, if I was stranded on an island and could only choose between one or the other…..I would definitely have to go with a Taco Deli papas-egg & cheese taco! Hopefully it would be an island full of lush grasslands inhabited entirely by holistically raised bison so I could get my EPIC bar fix as well.





EPIC is hiring an Eastern Region Sales Manager!

Position Title: Eastern Region Sales Manager                           Reports to: CEO

Start Date: Yesterday                                                                     Location: Eastern United States

Company Profile: EPIC Provisions is an Austin, TX based company focused on revolutionizing the food industry through the creation of innovative and category creating 100% grass fed meat snacks. Not only are EPIC products good for the end consumer, but also enrich the lives and welfare of the animals we source, as well as help regenerate our planet through rewarding ranchers that practice restorative land management. Our flagship EPIC bar is a 100% grass fed animal based protein bar designed as nature intended. We believe that EPIC foods should inspire EPIC health, and as a result, our products are paleo friendly, gluten free, and low in sugar.

Position Scope: The Eastern Region Sales Manager will work closely with the CEO, Western Region Sales Manager, and the Director of Marketing in the planning, management and execution of Retail Sales for this part of the country. This position will also work directly with Finance and Operational team leaders. This position has great growth potential.

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Strategic and collaborative building of annual trade promotion calendar for region across retail customers
  2. Identifying and executing on opportunities to expand the sales of EPIC across ALL retail channels throughout the East (excluding Chicago), why are we excluding Chicago? which includes working with EPIC broker and distributor networks to maximize sales and distribution opportunities
  3. Setting performance expectations and managing all appointed brokers, distributors, and specialty teams to achieve quality distribution in targeted accounts, including ensuring timely execution on new item introductions, schematic implementation, promotional programming and that they have all necessary resources required to succeed in the market place (e.g., product samples, sell sheets, promotional calendars, etc)
  4. Offers strategic direction, guidance, and support to all Eastern Region sales teams that align with EPIC company annual business goals
  5. Developing and monitoring incentive programs, contests, etc. in order to keep Epic top-of-mind
  6. Ensuring that all related POS (e.g. coolers, shelf talkers, neckers, etc.) are ordered in the right quantities and utilized effectively in the marketplace. Requesting and analyzing distribution reports to determine market coverage and opportunities for future growth
  7. Conducting store audits (with broker management and/or field sales reps where possible) to ensure merchandising standards are adhered to and promotional programming is being executed
  8. Identifying and attending (i) trade shows and (ii) sampling opportunities (whether or not on-premises) to represent the brand and develop sales opportunities
  9. Identify opportunities to build strong connections with key individuals and form meaningful and impactful relationships that benefit the EPIC brand (from consumer to buyers and everyone in between).
  10. Assist in the implementation, training, and auditing of in-store demo teams.

Essential Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing or related field
  • High level experience in the Natural Products Industry (Whole Foods, Sprouts, NCGA, INFRA and supporting Sales Channels – Club, Conventional, Mass, C-Store) with CPG selling background in dry snacks spaces highly preferred
  • Established relationships and demonstrated success working with key retail accounts along with the leading brokers (Presence Marketing) and distributors (UNFI, Kehe, Nature’s Best, Greenshoots, etc), servicing these channels
  • Strong planning and organizational skills along with excellent interpersonal, written/oral communication and presentation skills, including full competence with Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Outlook)
  • Proven Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively
  • Demonstrated ability to excel in an autonomous, hands-on, fast paced entrepreneurial environment
  • Highly adaptable & resourceful
  • Passion for an active health & wellness lifestyle
  • Proficient in Data Tools (SPINS, Datagarden, Retailer Portals), Microsoft Excel and Trade Analytics (selling price, margins, etc)
  • Ability to travel extensively throughout Eastern United States

Please email cover letter and resume to: